Why Choose An Episcopal School? Four Benefits to Consider

The Reverend Gary Taylor

Why Choose An Episcopal School? Four Benefits To Consider

Choosing the right school for your child to attend can be a challenge. Parents often want to find a school that aligns with their values, but also allows children to develop their own sense of identity and beliefs. 

If you are trying to decide what kind of school is the best fit for your family, consider the benefits that Episcopal Schools can offer. 

According to the National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES), over 160,000 children attend the more than 1,200 Episcopal Schools in America. These schools strive for justice and peace among all people while teaching students to respect the dignity of every human being.

This central hallmark provides a guiding principle for every parent, student, and teacher within the Episcopal school system. While different families seeking educational opportunities within this guiding principle for their child have different reasons to ultimately choose an Episcopal School, most would emphasize one of four reasons:

1. Educational Excellence

The Episcopal tradition has been rooted in scholarship and reason for almost 500 years. We believe that reason and learning are uniquely human gifts ultimately intended to serve our exploration of the deepest issues of life. Educational excellence, then, is not pursued merely for its own sake, but to enable the pursuit of a purposeful life.

Our mission is to build confident, resilient upstanders on a foundation of academic excellence, moral responsibility, and faith who are prepared to make a positive difference in the world.

2. Daily Emphasis on Character and Matters of the Spirit

Unlike secular schools, Episcopal schools freely discuss faith and spirituality as the foundation for a child's moral compass and meaning in life. Episcopal schools commit time and resources not just furthering what a child knows and can do, but also developing who the child is. This is accomplished through intentional programs of character development, community service activities, and clear and frequent articulation of values. 

By valuing and emphasizing a community life where the physical, spiritual, and emotional health are supported, Episcopal schools foster in their students a sense that society’s issues are their issues.  Moreover, these teachings stress that students are called to respond to the needs of others to ultimately serve the common good.

3. Diversity and Religious Inclusivity

Unlike other religion-based schools, Episcopal schools do not indoctrinate children into a particular belief system. We invite all who attend and work in our schools —Episcopalians and non-Episcopalians, Christians and non-Christians, people of no faith tradition—both to seek clarity about their own beliefs and religions and to honor those traditions more fully and faithfully in their own lives. 

As a ministry of Trinity Episcopal Church, we respect the dignity of every human being and strive to ensure that all people who serve and will be well-served by the programs of our School are welcome in our community regardless of race, religion, background, gender, or  identity.

Episcopal schools are populated by a rich variety of human beings, from increasingly diverse religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds. We celebrate diversity in all its forms as a crucial characteristic of a complete educational environment.

4. A Community Founded on Love

Nothing is more fundamental to the Christian ethos than Love. At the foundation of the daily life and work of every Episcopal school is love for its students, for their inestimable value as children of God, for their unique gifts, and for their emerging potential. Episcopal schools teach love, model love, and practice love in the life of the community every day. 

We believe this means including and celebrating people different than us, reaching out to others who may need an extra invitation to know they are welcomed and valued as part of the group.

Belonging to a caring community in which each child is intimately known, nurtured, and valued is the ideal environment for a young person to thrive and excel.

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Ultimately, by fostering educational excellence, nurturing character, practicing inclusivity, and living in love, Episcopal schools ensure guidance through an education that carries far beyond the school walls.

By weaving these principles into the very fabric of the school’s overall life, Episcopal schools challenge all who attend to build lives of success, purpose, and service in the world they will inherit.

For additional information on Episcopal Schools, visit the National Association Of Episcopal Schools or ask to tour an Episcopal School near you!

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—The Reverend Gary Taylor, Head of School, Trinity Episcopal School

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