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Reflections on the Death of Mr. George Floyd

The Reverend Gary Taylor

I am sure that, like me, you are saddened by the events in our country of the last nine days. The deplorable actions of a small number of men in Minnesota have sparked reactions across the globe ranging from peaceful protests of justifiable indignation to acts of violence and destruction. We are blessed that there has been little reactive violence in New Orleans, but there is no denying that racism and systematic oppression exist nationwide.

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Facing The Crisis: A Student Perspective

Sophie Roussel

Throughout my ten years at Trinity, the core principles of gentleness, generosity, truthfulness, kindness, and bravery have been engraved into my mind. Trinity has shaped me into the person I am today and helped me achieve all my goals. I consider the Pink House to be a second home, and I will miss it when I graduate. Ending my time at Trinity remotely has been sad, and I wish I could finish the school year with my classmates at the school, but unfortunately that is not possible. Despite the challenges presented by quarantine and the coronavirus, Trinity has yet again managed to keep the community connected. 

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Facing the Crisis: A Parent Perspective

Carrie Lewis

This is the new normal, except there is nothing normal about this.

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Facing the Crisis: A Teacher Perspective

Penny Pirri

Several friends and acquaintances have asked me what it is like to teach in a virtual classroom. Quite a few have even mentioned that it must be easier than teaching in a physical classroom on campus. Well, I am here to tell you that in my opinion nothing could be further from the truth! Before I describe the glitches, joys, and unexpected silver linings of teaching Third Grade from my home, let me first take you back to several weeks ago.

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Managing Your Child's Mental Health During this Time

Caroline Fleiner

During this time of uncertainty, illness, and new norms, it is only natural that our mind and our children’s minds will try to protect themselves. As parents try to manage their fears and anxiety, we must watch out for those of our children as well. Children can show their anxiety in different ways based on their ages.

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How to Discuss Changing Schools with Your Child

Caroline Fleiner

Advice from an expert on how to discuss changing schools with your child.

As a Licensed Master Social Worker, School Counselor, and parent of three, I am asked daily by other parents for advice on handling difficult subject matters with their children. One issue that can be particularly tricky for parents this time of year is how to discuss changing schools with their child. No matter the reason, moving to a new environment brings up many emotions for everyone. Here are a few things parents should keep in mind during this process.

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Helping Little Ones Cope with Big Feelings: Teaching Emotions to Your Toddler

Michelle Oster

The development that occurs in a young child’s mind is not only remarkable, but also overwhelmingly crucial for his or her growth. Research shows that children develop 85% of their core brain structure by the time they are five years old. This includes learning how to manage their emotions and behaviors, as well as their ability to focus and sustain their attention. While some children will naturally learn how to self-regulate, for most, this is a skill they must be taught, just as reading and writing.

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Top Secret: An Experienced Admission Professional Reveals the Secrets of a Great School Open House (from a Parent Perspective)

Steve Salvo



The traditional private school Open House event provides an excellent opportunity for prospective students and families to visit campus, observe facilities, speak with school personnel, and ask the all-important question of, “Can we see ourselves and/or are child(ren) being successful and happy here?”

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5 Benefits of Early Childhood Education | Trinity Episcopal School

Sam McAloon

So much of parenthood, especially in the early years, is an ongoing effort to ensure you are making the best possible choices for your child. And, with the prevalence of options and information, it’s hard to discern what those choices are. Chief among them—whether to enroll your child in a preschool and/or early childhood program.

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