Giving Thanks

The Reverend Gary Taylor
Beyond the turkey and stuffing, Thanksgiving is, of course, primarily about giving thanks. With the pandemic weighing on everything it can be a little harder than usual to be in a thankful mood, but probably finding things to be grateful for is even more important in this stressful time.

I am grateful for the amazing weather New Orleans has enjoyed (hurricanes aside!) through almost all of this pandemic.  This has allowed me to enjoy far more long walks with family or alone, reveling in our beautiful city.

I am grateful for the additional quiet I have discovered as social calendars are significantly less crowded than usual this time of year.

I am grateful for the selflessness of healthcare workers and others who, throughout the pandemic, have left the safety of their homes to serve the wellbeing of others.

I am grateful for the courage of the teachers and others in schools who have been willing, despite additional risks, to keep on keeping on, to offer a bit of normalcy to children and families who so desperately need it.

And in a strange way I am grateful that, if this pandemic had to happen, it has been an international phenomenon that can remind us of how closely connected we are as a world, how the well-being of all people touches every one of us, and that the only solutions to life's biggest problems are those we arrive at and implement together.

Here's to a better 2021!


Gary +