Facing The Crisis: A Student Perspective

Sophie Roussel


Throughout my ten years at Trinity, the core principles of gentleness, generosity, truthfulness, kindness, and bravery have been engraved into my mind. Trinity has shaped me into the person I am today and helped me achieve all my goals. I consider the Pink House to be a second home, and I will miss it when I graduate. Ending my time at Trinity remotely has been sad, and I wish I could finish the school year with my classmates at the school, but unfortunately that is not possible. Despite the challenges presented by quarantine and the coronavirus, Trinity has yet again managed to keep the community connected. 


Trinity at Home is not the way I pictured my final year at Trinity ending, but the wonderful teachers have been working hard to provide a sense of normalcy. Every morning Mrs. Taylor, the Head of Middle School, sends out a newsletter sharing what is happening that day and week. The newsletters also contain a link to Mr. H’s daily chapel videos. Recently the Eighth Graders who did not have a chance to present their final chapel talks, filmed themselves presenting their talks, and they were included in the chapel videos. The PE department has been posting activities to keep us active during quarantine. The Student Council has organized virtual spirit weeks so students can attend classes dressed in fluorescent clothes or with their pets. The detailed schedule helps me stay on track with all my work, and it helps me remain productive even though I am not at school. Personally, the hardest part of the Stay at Home order is not being able to physically see my friends and not knowing when my graduation will happen. I especially appreciate the technology we have available to us. The ability to see my peers daily is one of the many things I am grateful for. 

Although I will not have a traditional graduation, Eighth Grade play, or athletic breakfast, the dedicated faculty has been working to make these events happen virtually. I can only imagine the work that went into animating the Eighth Grade play, and dealing with the many audio clips the Eighth Graders emailed to our teachers. I would like to thank my teachers for continuing to teach despite the uncertain times.